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What is the Choice Privileges® Mall?
The Choice Privileges Online Mall is another great way to collect Choice Privileges points. Simply click through to the Choice Privileges Online Mall once you are logged into your Choice Privileges account. Find the store you are looking for or search for something in particular. Any qualified/qualifying purchase you make via the Choice Privileges Online Mall will be tracked and you will be awarded Choice Privileges points based on the amount you spend.
How do I earn Choice Privileges points for Shopping?

To earn points by shopping through the Online Mall, follow these steps:

  1. Once you login to your Choice Privileges account, search and compare products and prices at your favorite stores.
  2. Click to the store's site or search for a particular item and shop as normal.
  3. The store advises us that you have made a qualified/qualifying purchase and within 60 days we place the Choice Privileges points you earned for the qualified/qualifyingpurchase into your account.

You may not use Choice Privileges points to redeem for qualified/qualifying purchases in the Online Mall.

Do I need to join Choice Privileges to earn points when I purchase through Choice Privileges Online Mall?
Yes. As long as you're a Choice Privileges member, have logged into your Choice Privileges account, and clicked on the participating retailer site from the Choice Privileges Online Mall site, you can earn points. If you’re not a Choice Privileges member, it’s free to join and be done in just a few minutes – enroll here.
Can I purchase from Choice Privileges Online Mall if I am not a Member?
Anyone can browse the Choice Privileges Online Mall, however you must be a Choice Privileges member to purchase and earn points.
Can I use the Choice Privileges Mall if I live outside the U.S.?
You may use the Choice Privileges Online Mall if you are a resident and a Choice Privileges member in any of the following countries: United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany and Italy. However, the Online Mall will only have U.S. merchants and be available in English and U.S. Dollars. International shipping is dependent upon the participating retailer.
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Can I earn Points if I am not a Choice Privileges member?
No. You must be a Choice Privileges member to earn points. Join online – it’s free and easy!
Can I collect Choice Privileges points from the retail locations of stores featured on the Choice Privileges Mall?
Unfortunately, Choice Privileges points are only awarded on qualified/qualifying purchases made at the stores’ online websites when access via the Choice Privileges Online Mall. You cannot earn points by making a  qualified/qualifyingpurchase at a retail location.
Is it more expensive to shop via Choice Privileges Online Mall?
No, you will not spend any more by using our site – and you’ll get the benefit of earning points! It’s the same price as shopping directly with the participating retailers (so you won’t miss out on any of their special offers); however by using our site you can earn points on every qualified/qualifying purchase. And our service is free!
Can I use store offers and coupons and still collect Choice Privileges points?
We will work with our participating retailers to provide you with store offers and coupon codes that you can use and still collect Choice Privileges points. If you choose to add coupon codes that are not detailed on the Choice Privileges Online Mall, we cannot guarantee that you will be eligible to receive Choice Privileges points on your qualified/qualifying purchases. It is advisable to check with the participating retailer to see if they allow such combinations of coupon codes not listed on the Online Mall before making your qualified/qualifying purchase. Furthermore, please be advised that coupons and store offers are subject to change and restrictions may apply. We try to present the most accurate offers but cannot make guarantees due to the time-sensitive nature of these promotions.
I signed into my Account and made qualified/qualifying purchases via the Choice Privileges Online Mall, but my qualified/qualifying purchases aren't showing up in my Account - what's going on?
  • It takes up to 5 working days for a qualified/qualifying purchase to display as ‘Pending’.
  • It may be that the web browser used at the time of qualified/qualifying purchase had cookies disabled. Cookies allow us to track your purchase - without them there’s no way for the system to allocate points to your Account. Read more about cookies.
If you’d like help figuring out what’s happened, contact us.
My cookies are enabled but my qualified/qualifying purchases aren’t showing up in my Account?

Here are some best practice guidelines to help make sure you receive your points:

  • Make sure you login to the Choice Privileges Online Mall and click on the ‘Shop Now’ button.
  • Complete your qualified/qualifying purchase online, all in one session.
  • If you decide after check out that you want to purchase something else, close the participating retailer site window and start the process again from the Choice Privileges Online Mall site.
  • Don't retrieve previously-saved items in your shopping cart; start completely from scratch.
  • If you're buying insurance, make sure you start from a completely new quote; don't retrieve a saved one or use a renewal offer if you're already a policy-holder.
  • Don’t click on another banner or website promoting the participating retailer before you complete your transaction. If you must visit another site before completing your qualified/qualifying purchase, please use a different browser to do so. Interrupting the browser session that started from the Choice Privileges Online Mall can affect tracking.
  • Don't use "refer a friend" programs; this changes the referrer.
  • Calling the participating retailer to complete or modify your order will likely over-ride the Choice Privileges Online Mall referral (and therefore your points).
  • Increasingly some advert blocking software programs prevent the special tracking codes we need to track your qualified/qualifying purchases. Please disable your program before using the Choice Privileges Online Mall.
Why have my Choice Privileges points been cancelled?

Choice Privileges points can be cancelled for a number of reasons. The most common are:

  • You have returned the products you purchased to the participating retailer
  • Your payment failed or you didn’t meet the requirements of the participating retailers credit check
  • Your new registration has not been deemed genuine
  • Your last click with this participating  retailer didn’t come from this site
  • Your transaction didn’t meet the participating retailers Terms and Conditions
I forgot to Login before buying something. Can I still earn my points?
Sorry, but unfortunately we’re unable to retrospectively allocate Choice Privileges points. The next time you shop, always visit the participating retailer’s website via the Choice Privileges Online Mall so that cookies can track your visit and we can allocate the points.
Are my Choice Privileges points immediately credited to my Account?
  • When you buy something from a participating retailer, the transaction will appear in your Choice Privileges Online Mall Transaction History as ’Pending’ within 5 working days.
  • We'll confirm the transaction with the participating retailer before updating the transaction status to 'Approved'. This takes 60 days and is subject to the retailer's Terms & Conditions.
  • Once ‘Approved’ the points will be credited to your account.
If you’d like help, please contact us.
How do I know how many Choice Privileges points I'll earn?

The Choice Privileges Online Mall will clearly outline how many points you'll earn. In most cases, this will be expressed as a number of points earned per $1 spent at the participating retailer.

  • For example, if a participating retailer is offering 2 points per $1 spent, and your transaction total is $50 (excluding Tax VAT and shipping), you can expect to receive 100 points.
  • In another example, you may not earn points per $1 spent, but rather a certain number of points for a single qualified/qualifying purchase, or by registering for a service with that participating retailer. In this instance, you'll receive points for that one action, but not for subsequent actions or qualified/qualifying purchases on that participating retailer's site.
Will I earn Choice Privileges points for postage/handling or tax included in my transaction?
Points are not earned on shipping, handling, tax, or the purchase and/or use of gift vouchers, which for avoidance of doubt, includes gift cards, gift certificates, and other similar cash equivalents.
Can I see my Choice Privileges Online Mall transaction history?
Yes, you can see all your transactions whether they are ‘Pending’, ‘Approved’ or ‘Cancelled’ within your Account.
Why do I earn more Choice Privileges points with some participating retailers than with others?
It’s the participating retailers who decide the number of points given for shopping with them.
Why have I earned more or less Choice Privileges points with same participating retailer?
Point rates can go up or down at the sole discretion of the participating retailer, but the current rate is always displayed on this site so remember to look at the current rate to know what to expect.
There's an online shop I visit frequently, but it's not part of the Choice Privileges Online Mall. How can I get it added?
We're constantly adding and looking for new participating retailers, so if you know of a great online service or shop that you'd like to see added to our growing list, please contact us here
What happens if I cancel a qualified/qualifying purchase I’ve made or want a refund?
You can cancel qualified/qualifying purchases and get a refund in the usual way that you would do direct with the participating retailer. However, you will not earn points for any cancelled or refunded sales.
I was interested in a participating retailer who is no longer listed, can you tell me why?
From time to time participating retailers may decide they no longer wish to participate in the Choice Privileges Online Mall and fund points for our members. When this happens, we remove them from our listings.
Can I use my Choice Privileges points to purchase products directly from the Choice Privileges Online Mall?
The Choice Privileges Online Mall can only be used for earning points. Your points can only be deposited into your Choice Privileges account. To redeem your points, please visit http://www.choicehotels.com/en/choice-privileges
Can I shop at multiple stores and pay only once?
It is easy to shop at multiple stores through the Choice Privileges Online Mall. However, you must finish your transaction at each store before moving to the next. As you shop, the Choice Privileges Online Mall window will remain open and will confirm that you are still logged in.
Can I redeem my Choice Privileges points with stores that appear on the Choice Privileges Mall?
Unfortunately, you cannot pay for your qualified/qualifying purchases with Choice Privileges points.
What eligible cards can I use to pay with when shopping online with the Choice Privileges Mall?
The payment options available are specified by each participating retailer. In most cases, you will be able to pay using any debit or credit card. Remember, if you pay using your Choice Privileges® Visa® card, you will earn the points for your qualified/qualifying purchase and an additional 2 points per dollar for using your Choice Privileges® Visa®.
I can't access some of the store links. What should I do?

If you find that a link or participating retailer site doesn’t work, it is likely that you have a piece of software controlling the sites you can visit. To solve this problem:

  1. Please disable your Ad Blocking/Popup Blocking/Cookie Blocking software (you might need to close your browser and restart after you switch off your blocking software).
  2. If you are using Internet Explorer 6 or another browser which has a privacy setting, set the privacy setting to “low.”
  3. If you have Zone Alarm Pro or Norton Internet Security, these products have ad-blocking and cookie-blocking features. You do not need to disable your firewall, just disable the cookie-blocking and ad-blocking feature for this website.
Can't find what you're looking for?

We want to make online shopping at the Choice Privileges Online Mall easy for you, so here are our tips for finding what you’re looking for quickly:

  • Looking for something in particular (ex: a smart phone: enter details of your search in the Search box and we will provide you with search results of stores where you can purchase this type of product. You can narrow the results using the box on the right to find what you are looking for.
  • Looking for a specific participating retailer (ex: Target): use the A-Z of participating Retailers category, by simply selecting the Categories tab held in the navigation menu and select A-Z of Retailers. The resulting page enables you to filter the A-Z listing by latest, by name, by most popular and By amount.
  • Looking for a particular type of item (ex: clothing): select the most appropriate category in the Categories tab held in the navigation menu and select your desired category and we will list all participating retailers in that category in alphabetical order.
What do I do if I need to return my qualified/qualifying purchase?
You need to contact the participating retailer from which you made your qualified/qualifying purchase to organize your return as each participating retailer has its own individual process. We will be advised that your order has been returned and the Choice Privileges points you earned on that qualified/qualifying purchase will be removed from your Choice Privileges account.
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Choice Privileges® Online Mall Points Booster

What is the Choice Privileges Online Mall Points Booster?

The Choice Privileges Online Mall Points Booster is an application that sits within your web browser and helps alert you to earning opportunities when you are visiting participating Choice Privileges Online Mall participating retailer websites.

The Points Booster application is safe and free to download.

How does the Choice Privileges Online Mall Points Booster work?
After downloading and installing the Points Booster following the instructions from the Download page, the application will alert you on the points earning opportunities available to you when you directly visit a participating retailer site using the browser you have the application installed on. The Points Booster will guide you through the necessary process to ensure tracking of your activity is set and to ensure you are earning points for any approved transactions you then make within that visit.
Do all Choice Privileges Online Mall participating retailers participate in the Points Booster?
No, not every Choice Privileges Online Mall retail partner will participate. We would strongly recommend that you always visit the Choice Privileges Online Mall prior to visiting any participating retailer site to ensure your transaction activity is tracked.
Is any personal or payment information held within the Points Booster?
No, the Points Booster application does not capture, store, or transmit any personal or payment information.
When will I get my points if I use the Points Booster?
The tracking and awarding of your points for transactions made after interacting with the Points Booster application will occur in exactly the same way as any other transaction through the Choice Privileges Online Mall. Details for how the Choice Privileges Online Mall works can be found here.
Do I have to be logged into the Choice Privileges Online Mall to download the Points Booster?
Yes, you will need to be logged in to download the toolbar in the first instance.
Will the Points Booster install spyware, adware or malware on my computer?
No. The Choice Privileges Online Mall Points Booster is free from spyware, adware and malware – the sole purpose of the application is to alert you to relevant Choice Privileges Online Mall earning opportunities with participating retailers only.
What operating systems and browsers is the Points Booster compatible with?
The Points Booster works with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera on Windows and Macintosh operating systems.
Do I have to pay to download and use the Choice Privileges Online Mall Points Booster?
No. The Points Booster is 100% free to download and install.
I already have a Choice Privileges Online Mall Points Booster, but I'd like to install this one too, can I have both?
You will only ever need one version for your chosen browser and this should be the current version that is available for download. We would recommend removing any other versions and installing only this one.
I have a question about downloading/installing the Choice Privileges Online Mall Points Booster?
Please check out our step-by-step Installation Guide for further assistance.
Can I uninstall the Points Booster?
Please follow the instructions within your browser to remove the Points Booster.
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Are my personal details safe?
Your personal information is kept completely confidential. (You can read our Privacy Policy here).
Will I be contacted by any of your participating retailers?
The Choice Privileges Online Mall will not share any personal information about you with our participating retailers. Please note though that when you click a ‘Shop Now’ link to a participating retailer, you will leave the Choice Privileges Online Mall completely and be subject to that participating retailer’s Terms & Conditions. If you leave your details with a participating retailer, they may contact you.
What’s a cookie?
A cookie is a small piece of data used by web servers to help identify web users. Cookies can be turned on and off by you at any time in your web browser menu. Cookies allow us to award your Choice Privileges points for any transactions with participating retailers.
How are cookies used at the Choice Privileges Online Mall?

We use cookies to track Choice Privileges transactions so that we can credit your Choice Privileges Account for any qualified/qualifying purchases made with our participating retailers.

How it works is that a piece of code on our participating retailers’ websites records your unique ID number and transaction, and then passes that back to us.  We then use this to match it back to your details so we can allocate the Choice Privileges points to your Account.

How can I check my cookies are turned on?

In Internet Explorer, you open up the browser then:

  • go to "Tools",
  • select "Options",
  • under "Privacy" move the settings slider to "Medium" or lower, hit "Ok."

In Firefox, you open up the browser then:

  • go to "Tools"
  • select "Options"
  • under "Privacy", select "Accept cookies from sites", hit "Ok."

In Safari, you open up the browser then:

  • go to "Edit",
  • select "Preferences",
  • under the "Security" tab in the "Allow Cookies" section, select "Only sites you navigate to", hit "Ok."

In Konqueror 3 and 4 (for Linux):

  • select "Configure Konqueror" from the "Settings" menu,
  • in the new Configure Konqueror menu, find and select 'Cookies' from the left side menu (you might need to scroll down the list a bit), to enable,
  • Select "Automatically accept session cookies", hit "Ok."

*If using any other browser, just check out their Help section.

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What do I do if I’ve forgotten my password?
Click the Find your details link under where you sign-in and follow the online instructions.
What do I do if I forget my sign-in details that I used to join with?
Get in contact with us.
How do I update my personal details?
Log in to your Choice Privileges Account and click on ’My Account Home’.
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Where will the Choice Privileges Online Mall participating retailers deliver to?
You will need to check with each individual participating retailer for full details of their delivery options.
What do I do if I haven't received my order?
You will need to contact the participating retailer from which you made your qualified/qualifying purchase. Contact details can be found on the participating retailer’s direct website.
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How does it work?
To understand how it works please visit our how it works page.
How can you offer free Choice Privileges points for qualified/qualifying purchases?
We offer free points by giving you back a percentage (up to 100% in some cases) of the commission fee that we receive from the participating retailers for referring your sale. A lot of other shopping sites are doing the same but keeping the referral fees. We figure everyone loves earning money so why not earn money back for using our site.
How many participating retailers do you have on your site?
We have hundreds of participating retailers currently on our site covering a vast range of shopping categories and are always adding more!
How are My Favorite participating retailers stored?
“Add to Favorites” link can be found when hovering over a participating retailer deal and can also be found via the participating retailer page. Once selected, the retailer is added to “My Favorites,” which will display the three most recently added retailers. If you have multiple favorite participating retailers, you can view these by selecting the “View All” link within the “My Favorites” dropdown and a “My Favorites” page will display containing all marked retailers. Participating retailers can be removed from your list at any time by selecting the [x] icon.
How do I use the Search tool on the Choice Privileges Mall?
Simply enter into the search box what you would like to shop for (ex: ‘laptop’). The search results page will show you relevant participating retailers and product offers matching your search criteria.
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